Elias Lammam is widely considered, by those familiar with Arabic music and others, to be the best microtonal accordionist of his generation.

"Elias Lammam ... literally one of the best accordionists in the world. When Ivan Milev first saw Elias play, he kissed his fingers. When Abu Seoud first saw Elias play, he announced, “You are the new Abu Seoud!” I am told this is as impressive as it sounds.” From: Four Things You Probably Don't Know About the Accordion

Asala Nasri, one of the most popular Arab singers today, declared during a 2011 concert in Los Angeles, after his improvised accordion solo brought her to tears, "that is the best solo I've ever heard!"

Elias Lammam is also a highly respected vocalist, arranger, conductor and composer, originally from Beirut, Lebanon. Before moving to the U.S. in 1998, he toured as a featured soloist with notable singers Rageb Alame, George Wasouf, Ghassan Saliba, Joseph Noumnoum, and the well known Lebanese raqs sharqi dancers Amani and Samara. Mr Lammam's compositions have been heard on Middle Eastern television dramas and commercials for companies including Coca-Cola, Gillette, and Lipton Tea. He was the band leader and principal soloist at the Escoba Nightclub in Dubai for 10 years, and managed his own restaurant and nightclub in Beirut, Lebanon.

Currently Mr. Lammam teaches and performs as a soloist and band leader with his ensemble, the Elias Lammam Trio, which includes his brother Antoine Lammam, master percussionist, and highly respected Syrian violinist Fathi Aljarrah, and various other highly respected musicians performing Arabic music. He performs throughout the U.S. at various music festivals, concerts and theatrical events, and performs regularly in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas as a soloist, with his Trio, or with various other musicians at public and private events. He is a highly respected instructor of classical and contemporary Arabic music, theory, and performance, and has taught Arabic music and theory at U.C. Berkeley and other esteemed music schools. He has been a featured music instructor for over five years at the Mid-East Dance and Music Camp in Mendocino, California. He currently teaches private and group classes in Santa Cruz, and reconstructs accordions to play the micro-tones used in Arabic and Near Eastern music. His accordion music was featured in the score of the award-winning 2009 film Amreeka and can also be heard on his acclaimed CD "Selsebil", a collaboration with master nay player (floutist) Bashir Abdel Al, and on two CDs by The Georges Lammam Ensemble, as well as on many records and CDs recorded in Lebanon with various popular singers.